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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have A Fear Of Laser Eye Surgery

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have A Fear Of Laser Eye Surgery

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have A Fear Of Laser Eye Surgery

It is perhaps understandable why many people have fears about getting laser eye surgery. For a start, our eyes are so precious, and we rely so much upon our vision that the thought that we could lose our sight is enough to stoke those fears, albeit the chances of it happening due to laser eye surgery are the same as being struck by lightning.

In addition, many people’s concept of lasers comes from movies such as Goldfinger. In one scene, James Bond is seconds from meeting an unfortunate end due to a laser beam employed by the evil Blofeld, which easily cuts through metal as it moves toward 007 at an alarming rate. When Bond asks if he expects him to talk, Blofeld utters the immortal words, “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die”.

Rest assured, lasers used in laser eye surgery are not the same as those the bad guys in Bond movies use. Instead, they are precision lasers with beams just nanometres in diameter and operated with precision and skill. If that has not calmed your fears, here are 5 other reasons that should allay fears you have about laser eye surgery.

You Will Only Undergo Laser Eye Surgery If Your Consultant Confirms You Are Suitable

The first thing that should allay your fears is the fact that laser eye surgery only occurs after thorough consultations and assessments with your laser eye surgeon. These are used to determine the most appropriate treatment, and one key part of them is to ascertain whether or not you are suitable for laser eye surgery based on your age, eye condition, and general health.

Laser Eye Surgery Is Carried Out By A Highly Skilled Surgeon Using State Of The Art Equipment

To have become a laser eye surgeon the consultant who will be treating you will have undergone years of education, internship and training which can last more than 12 years. Laser eye surgeons are highly skilled professionals whose knowledge of ophthalmology is second to none. In addition, laser eye surgical equipment is a highly advanced technology that has passed stringent testing for safety and effectiveness.

Laser Eye Surgery Is Quick And Simpl

You might be relieved to learn that laser eye surgery does not require you to have a general anaesthetic. All it needs is a few eye drops to numb your eyes, and thereafter the surgery can take as little as 5 minutes for each eye. Once the surgeon is satisfied all is well, you can go home that same day and allow your eyes to recover in familiar surroundings.

The Level Of Discomfort You May Feel Is Minimal

The level of discomfort any individual patient feels will be influenced by the sensitivity of their eyes and their pain threshold. However, in the vast majority of cases, patients feel only slight discomfort rather than excruciating pain in their eyes. This irritation starts to subside after  4 to 6 hours and thereafter the healing process often takes place without any further discomfort.

Laser Eye Surgery Has Huge Success And Satisfaction Rates

Perhaps the biggest fear many have is that their laser eye surgery will not work, but consider this. Around the world, there have been tens of millions of successful surgeries, and the satisfaction rate is massive. 9 out of 10 patients are restored to 20/20 (perfect) vision and the vast majority of the remainder have had their vision improved to the extent that they no longer need to use glasses or wear contact lenses.