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Do Dreams About Teeth Become Reality?

Do Dreams About Teeth Become Reality?

Do Dreams About Teeth Become Reality?

Do you ever have bad dreams about your teeth falling out, or wisdom teeth removal flashbacks, or that your dentist is approaching you with a 6-foot drill? In truth, we should call these nightmares, but whatever terminology we use, it is a fact that many people report having bad dreams about all sorts of horrible things happening to their teeth. The question is where is the line between these just being dreams, them being a foretelling of reality?

If the phrase ‘dreams come true’  is to be believed it would suggest that dreaming about cracked, broken or missing teeth is a sign that in the future you may have to deal with these dental issues. It is certainly the case that there are people who have such dreams and within weeks or days the dental problem they dreamt about comes true. However, and before you panic, is also true that for every person where the dream became reality, there will be thousands where it did not.

Nevertheless, we are told by those who study dreams that they do have some meaning to them, so what about those dreams where teeth and dentists are the focus? Well, here are some suggestions.

Dreaming About Broken Teeth

When you dream about teeth being damaged in some way, it could indicate, not that you are going to be hi have some underlying worries about your general health, fears about contracting a serious, or even life-threatening illness. This theory makes sense because it is true that your oral health can affect your general well-being.

Dreaming About Teeth Crumbling

If you visualise this, it seems like something out of a horror movie where teeth might disintegrate, but it is a dream many people have. For a start, there is no reasonable scenario in real life that would cause your teeth to simply crumble. However, if you do have this dream, experts suggest it could indicate that you have a deep-lying concern about growing old.

Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out

Probably the most common dream about teeth is them falling out, which is not pleasant whether it be in a dream or for real. Unlike some other dream theories, the experts do not believe this type of dream relates to health. Instead, it may suggest that the person feels a lack of support from their partner, family, or friends. It may also indicate that there has been a problem with a misunderstanding or a miscommunication recently.

Dreaming About Teeth Being Removed

This is a dream that often includes the person’s dentist although it can also be that the person pulling the teeth out is simply someone they know like a family member, friend, or work colleague. As for what the dream experts believe this type of dream indicates the common consensus is that this is one dream that is actually linked to dental health, and specifically that the person knows they need treatment but have a fear of visiting the dentist.

From Dreams To Reality

So, what have we learned about how our dreams relate to our dental health? For the most part, there seems to be no real linkage between dreaming about teeth and what actually happens to them, other than a reluctance to visit the dentist may influence what we dream about. The good news is that regardless of what you dream about whilst tucked up in bed at night, if you look after your teeth properly, there will be no nightmare dental health scenarios happening for real.