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5 Reasons That You Should Not Retain Fears Of Laser Eye Surgery

It is perhaps understandable why many people have fears about getting laser eye surgery from For a start, our eyes are so precious, and we rely so much upon our vision, the thought that we could lose our sight is enough to stoke those fears, albeit the chances of it happening due to laser eye surgery is the same as being struck by lightning.

In addition, many people’s concept of lasers comes from movies such as Goldfinger. In one scene, James Bond is seconds from meeting an unfortunate end due to a laser beam employed by the evil Blofeld, which easily cuts through metal as it moves towards 007 at an alarming rate. When Bond asks if he expects him to talk, Blofeld utters the immortal words, “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die”.

Rest assured, lasers used in laser eye surgery are not the same as those the bad guys in Bond movies use. Instead, they are precision lasers with beams that are just nanometres in diameter and operated with precision and skill. If that has not calmed your fears, here are 5 other reasons that should allay fears you have about laser eye surgery.

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